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A Facility Condition Assessment (FCA) gives you data about a building’s current condition and how much you’ll need to budget...

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Tags: Facilities Condition Assessment, FCA, Replacement In-kind,

Over the past three decades, I have observed numerous firms in the Facilities Management Consulting industry trying to upsell...

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Tags: Facilities Management, Facility Renewal Needs, facilities consultants,

By Doug Fredendall On February 25, 2019

When to Adjust the CRV

As we discussed last month, certain facility types commonly have a relatively high percentage of nonreplaceable structure...

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Tags: Current Replacement Value, Component Inventory, CRV,

 Clients often ask why the value of a building’s component inventory doesn’t equal its CRV (Current Replacement Value). The...

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This is the fourth in an occasional series on this topic.

Previous posts have discussed deferred maintenance and illustrated...

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Tags: Facilities Condition Assessment, Lifecycle Modeling, Deferred Maintenance,


This is the third in an occasional series on this topic.

We have now established that facilities renewal funding is a...

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Tags: Facilities Condition Assessment, FCI, FCNI,

By Dan Harrison On April 27, 2018

Facilities Renewal Rates

This is the second in an occasional series on this topic. In this installment we will focus upon facilities renewal rates....

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Tags: Facilities Management, Deferred Renewal, Facility Renewal Rates


Last month we talked about reframing the Deferred Maintenance debate, more properly thinking about it as Deferred Renewal. ...

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Tags: Deferred Maintenance, Deferred Renewal


This is the first in an occasional series on this topic.

Experienced Facility Management professionals are intimately...

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Tags: Deferred Maintenance, Facilities Management, Deferred Renewal

FacilitiesNet posted a helpful how-to article on calculating HVAC lifecycle costs. We've reposted the link here for your...

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Tags: HVAC, Lifecycle, Energy Efficiency

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