We're here to support you

By Heather Gee

We're here to support you

Posted by Heather Gee on Apr 13, 2020 8:22:03 PM
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As you navigate the COVID-19 situation, we assure you that ISES Corporation remains available to assist as and when we are able.

Business as usual is looking a lot different these days. Members of the ISES corporate family are all working from home, having had the technology in place prior to the outbreak. We know that many of you are working from home as well.

Here's What to Know

Onsite Assessments - Completed

We remain on-schedule to deliver facility reports, except in rare instances where we await additional information from clients.

Onsite Assessments - Delayed

We are working with our clients within driving distance to coordinate scheduling; other assessments will be rescheduled as soon as permitted on a case-by-case basis.

AMS Support

We remain available to provide AMS support and to answer any questions.

Hikie Allen
Customer Support Manager
Email or call 770.674.3180

Revised Inspection Protocols

One of the best things about working for this privately-owned small business is that we have easily come together to focus on ways we can support our customers in this new reality. Our architectural and engineering teams are expressing eagerness to continue assessments as soon as we are able.

Inspection of empty public and university buildings, prior to the return of employees/students, is preferable and can be performed expeditiously.

We are implementing revised inspection protocols to ensure protection for our customers and ourselves. (These are subject to revision as new protocols become necessary and further guidance is provided by the appropriate authorities.)

  • Compliance with new client mandates and procedures for vendors

  • Contact with client personnel minimized following best practices for conducting social distancing

  • Prioritize inspection of unoccupied buildings and areas; flex schedules to assess occupied areas in early AM or late PM

  • Sterilize building access materials (upon receipt and prior to return) using recommended disinfectant solutions and procedures

  • Maintain clean contact with light switches, doorknobs, restroom fixtures and the like

Being a small company allows us to be flexible. As this situation evolves and your needs change, we will be responsive. We look forward to adapting to your unique requests.


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