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An accurate inventory of all maintainable equipment in a portfolio of facilities is often lacking at college campuses and...

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Tags: Deferred Maintenance, Equipment Inventory, PM/PdM,


A Facility Condition Assessment (FCA) gives you data about a building’s current condition and how much you’ll need to budget...

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A Facility Condition Assessment (FCA) is an essential tool of facilities managers. This is true whether you choose to...

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Over the past three decades, I have observed numerous firms in the Facilities Management Consulting industry trying to upsell...

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By Doug Fredendall On February 25, 2019

When to Adjust the CRV

As we discussed last month, certain facility types commonly have a relatively high percentage of nonreplaceable structure...

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Tags: Current Replacement Value, Component Inventory, CRV,

 Clients often ask why the value of a building’s component inventory doesn’t equal its CRV (Current Replacement Value). The...

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